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      類型: 無創血壓系統


      SC1000 Single/Dual Blood Pressure Analysis System


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      MC4000 軟件特點:
      1    數據庫軟件
      2    控制動物平臺和初始化實驗
      3    測量收縮壓、舒張壓、脈率和平均動脈壓
      4    自動計算結果的平均值和標準偏差
      5    實時顯示多個波形
      6    按照實驗、測試、或動物來查看結果
      7    包括校準和壓力測試的質量保證
      8    簡單重復實驗
      9    多個實驗的高存儲容量
      10  保存所有的測量、波形和統計
      11  可以將數據導出到電子表格等應用程序
      12  跟蹤和組織實驗、測試和動物之間建立的關系


      1    數據庫軟件
      2    控制動物平臺和初始化實驗
      3    測量收縮壓、舒張壓、脈率和平均動脈壓
      4    自動計算結果的平均值和標準偏差
      5    實時顯示多個波形
      6    按照實驗、測試、或動物來查看結果
      7    包括校準和壓力測試的質量保證
      8    簡單重復實驗
      9    多個實驗的高存儲容量
      10  保存所有的測量、波形和統計
      11  可以將數據導出到電子表格等應用程序
      12  跟蹤和組織實驗、測試和動物之間建立的關系

      1    數據庫軟件
      2    控制動物平臺和初始化實驗
      3    測量收縮壓、舒張壓、脈率和平均動脈壓
      4    自動計算結果的平均值和標準偏差
      5    實時顯示多個波形
      6    按照實驗、測試、或動物來查看結果
      7    包括校準和壓力測試的質量保證
      8    簡單重復實驗
      9    多個實驗的高存儲容量
      10  保存所有的測量、波形和統計
      11  可以將數據導出到電子表格等應用程序
      12   跟蹤和組織實驗、測試和動物之間建立的關系


      Multiple FeatureExtraction Based on PPG Signal to Realize Blood Pressure Measurement ofComposite Multi-channel Convolutional Neural Network Model


      Computer Science

      IEEE 3rd International Conference on Electronic…14 April2023

      The overall blood pressure valueis evaluated using a "compound multi-channel convolutional neural network(CMCNN)" model andconsidering that the distorted data caused by motion artifacts causes thetraining results to fail to converge, the results is closer to the actualsituation. 

      Effect of Jouleheating and entropy generation on multi-slipcondition of peristaltic flow of Casson nanofluid in an asymmetric channel

      AshaS. KotnurkarN.Kallolikar


      Journal of biological physics (Print)   28 April 2022

      In the present investigation, the effect of multi-slip condition on peristaltic flow throughasymmetric channel with Joule heating effect is considered. We alsoconsidered the incompressible Expand

      Home Blood Pressure Control and Drug Prescription Patterns among ThaiHypertensives: A 1-Year Analysis of Telehealth Assisted Instrument in Home Blood Pressure MonitoringNationwide Pilot Project

      A.SakulsupsiriP.Chattranukulchai+15 authors S.Sangwatanaroj

      Medicine   International Journal of Hypertension  14 April 2021

      With the implementation of HBP telemonitoring, the BPcontrol rate based on HBP analysis was still low, and the long-term clinical benefit ofovercoming therapeutic inertia alongside HBPtelemonitoring needs to bevalidated in a future study.Expand

      Sensitivity andVariance Analysis of Arterial Pressure Transfer Dynamics Estimated from Adaptive Multi-Channel System Identification


      Engineering  American Control Conference   9 July 2007

      This paper analyzes the parametric sensitivity andasymptotic variance of the arterial pressure transfer dynamics estimated from the adaptive multi-channel (AMC) system identificationtechnique Expand

      BESN System of Multi-channel Tail-artery Blood Pressure Measurement

       Medicine   2004  The new method of blood-pressure measurementwas accurate and reliable and the data of BP and HR obtained by the BESN system werealmost identical when compared with direct operation on anaesthetized rats.Expand

      Single pillregimen improves persistence and leads lo better clinical outcome compared toidentical multi pillcombination. Results of START, a German claims data analysis

      H.PredelB.Weisser+7 authors M.Boehm

      Medicine  1November 2020

      The results of the START study strongly support the useof a SP concept in the AH medication treatment as recommended by the currentESH/ESC-Guidelines for the treatment of AH.

      Development ofan intelligent bedsore prevention system based on multi-channel pressure signals analysis


      Computer Science

      International Symposium on Instrumentation and…10 October2008

      An intelligent pressure analysis system was designed based on the improved bedsore preventionmattress. The system can recognize the area of the human body that need to bemassaged according to the… 


      A NovelMicrochip Flow Chamber (Total Thrombus Analysis System) to Assess Canine Hemostasis



      Frontiers in Veterinary Science  2 June 2020

      Initial evaluations of the T-TAS suggest it may aidcharacterization of hemostasis in patients at-risk of bleeding and assist withdelineating bleeding phenotypes.

      Multi-channel Pulse Acquisition System Based on STC89C52

      FengFan  Physics 2011

      Pulse is a common physiological phenomenon in clinicalexaminations and physiological study.The wave amplitude and form of pulsecontains the important physiological information which reflects the… 

      Multi-MorphologicalPulse Signal Feature Point Recognition Based on One-Dimensional DeepConvolutional Neural Network

      GuotaiWangXingguangGeng+4 authors HaiyingZhang

      Computer Science Inf.  26 January 2023

      The multi-classpulse signal characteristic parameter recognition model based on theone-dimensional deep convolutional neural network (1D-DCNN) model canefficiently and accurately identify pulse time-domain characteristicparameters, which can be applied to discriminate time- domain pulse informationin clinical practice and assist doctors in diagnosis.Expand