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Greatest Gift

Isabel is s l o w l y approaching her first birthday and everyone is throwing out ideas on how to celebrate her. I love the love people have for Isabel, she is so lucky to be loved and we are so lucky to be fortunate enough to celebrate her.

But, Isabel is already so fortunate with all that she has, she does not need a party. She has plenty with the amount of love Eric and I shower her with and opportunities that will pave for her future. I cannot justify spending money on a party that she will not remember, when I can donate it to an organization in need.

For Isabel’s first birthday, we will: cut her a homemade dairy free, sugar free cake at home, put her birthday money into her 529 account, allow her to open 1-2 small toys from those that love her, shower her with kisses, and donate to an organization. We will take so many pictures on our camera, not phones, to share with her in the future.

& as she gets older and is able to do more, Eric and I have decided to start a tradition— When Isabel is old enough, we will let her select an organization for us to volunteer as a family. That will be our thank you gift to the universe that brought us the greatest gift we could ever ask for, Isabel.

i love.

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