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i love.

I have heard many times before by family, friends, and strangers that your love for your child will surpass anything that you could have ever imagine. I will say, it is something special and words cannot bring to life the feeling of love a parent has for their child— a love that I will give whole heartedly, without limitations. Isabel is the greatest gift that I could have ever imagined and the thing that makes me wake up every morning to change the world and be a better person; all for Isabel.

Yet, it is not unique to Isabel— I would argue that my love for Eric is something similar, but the difference is that I choose to love Eric.. I choose to love him and pick him time and time again, not because we are bounded by blood or a child— or a marriage- but because he makes my heart beat fast every time that I stare at him, he makes me smile just by following me with his eyes across the room and he has relentlessly supported me in every wild idea, believes in me and wants me to succeed as much as he wants himself to succeed— sometimes even more. He has treated me like an equal - and an equal partner in every way and always values my opinion and decision on every detail of our lives because he believes that decisions and perspectives should come from each other.

That is not to say that we are perfect— we bicker, we disagree, we debate, we cry, we laugh, we are inherently different souls— I am an extrovert/introvert and he is an introvert/extrovert. Yet, at the end of the night, we never go to bed angry at one another - - we figured out the common ground we both need to be on to stay married another day. That was a tad dramatic, but the truth is, forever is not guaranteed. The only way to guarantee that forever is a possibility is if we both put work into our relationship - everyday.

I am thankful for every second he chooses me as well and may this last forever. If not, then I am simply thankful for the life we brought into this world and the memories we have and will continue building until then,.

Greatest Gift